Flux7 Presents:  Strategies for Large-Scale Cloud Migration


A cloud migration, and the ability to take advantage of cloud benefits such as greater agility, scalability and enhanced security, is often seen as a primary way that organizations can positively affect change and create greater productivity at optimized cost. There are many approaches to large-scale cloud migration, which can be overwhelming, especially for large enterprises with a myriad of business-critical applications. As a result, Flux7 has created a 5-part series designed to walk readers through creating a custom approach to their own cloud migration strategy, in support of strategic business change.  

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Section 1

A Process Framework to Help Plan Migration:  Get started with a comparison guide of options and a self-assessment


Section 2

The Case Studies:  Read about how three enterprises approached cloud migration


Section 3

Enterprise DevOps Framework:  Learn more about creating a foundation for migrating applications with supportive infrastructure


Section 4

Establishing a Landing Zone:  Mitigate team interdependency and speed up application deployment 



Section 5

Sandboxes as a Strategic Enabler for Cloud Migration:  Start the migration path by setting up experimentation zones

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