Speeding Development  

Meeting customer and market demands with AWS DevOps 

Pristine faced a challenge to build and apply a templatized infrastructure model to scale their existing HIPAA-compliant application. The company’s rapid growth made it crucial to enable the deployment of much more infrastructure in much less time.

Working AWS consulting partners Flux7, the company used containers and microservices to speed development and create a HIPAA-compliant production environment. Pristine gave special credit to Flux7 while onstage at AWS re:Invent 2014, noting a tenfold acceleration of their project due to the architecture work Flux7 provided.


“We had in-depth knowledge about iOS and Android, but scalable infrastructure on AWS was a different beast.”


The AWS DevOps-optimized cloud framework helped the healthcare application development business to implement Amazon Web Services best practices that:

  • Increased assurance of meeting HIPAA software requirements
  • Created a scalable mobile app infrastructure
  • Sped medical device product development
  • Provides a high degree of guaranteed system uptime to clients

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