This financial services organization provides its customers with a variety of financial instruments to manage their wealth. From credit cards to banking and personal, home and student loans, this household brand is trusted by millions of Americans. This payment system provider is publicly traded on the NYSE, is part of the S&P 500, and is a member of the Fortune 500.



As a publicly traded company managing highly sensitive personal financial data, the company is subject to multiple security regulations and has an overall climate that embraces assertive risk management. However, the financial services firm was relying on a solution for secret management that did not meet the demands of these high security needs. For example, secret leaks were difficult to detect, it didn’t support dynamic secrets and it was difficult to rotate secrets frequently. Having researched a solution, this organization sought a high availability design with HashiCorp Consul and Vault that would result in near-zero downtime for its applications and users while addressing these specific concerns.



This payment card provider reached out to Flux7 DevOps consulting experts, a HashiCorp partner, to assist. Flux7 went to work, helping this organization install and configure a high availability Consul and Vault cluster on top of its existing infrastructure.


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1.  Guide the financial services organization’s architects and developers during installation and configuration of Vault and Consul

2.  Instruct the company’s teams how to use Vault and on the use of various backends and the workflows around each one.

3.  Establishing Security Automation

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