The Value of Optimized Developer Workflows

Many leaders in technology organizations are moving to Agile and DevOps as methods of improving the speed of delivery, of which an automated code delivery pipeline is foundational. Optimized development pipelines deliver significant value by minimizing the time and costs of local test, QA and production processes and by promoting code from one development stage to the next.

Automating development steps reduces time-consuming tasks that slow down the release of software code. At Flux7, efficient developer workflows in a cloud-based environment are the foundation of pipeline optimization. 

Optimizing code delivery results in:

  • Control of developer labor costs. Keeping your developers working efficiently means you get the most out of that labor and can focus that on what projects are bringing the most value to the business.

  • A clear understanding of developer activities. Learn more about dev team day-to-day activities and workflow.

  • Accelerated time to market. Improve the performance of less productive developers by accelerating their work process with optimized code delivery pipelines and while building best practices in through automation.

  • Avoiding rework-related slowdowns. Automating development processes can avoid many of the human errors that cause rework.

Download the white paper and read the case studies on how Flux7 is helping companies to automate the code delivery process. 



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