Transocean (Blind) Single Slide Case Study


This organization has a long and rich history of providing services to the oil and gas industry around the globe. This firm has
established itself as a leader by specializing in demanding areas of the industry.


Working with detailed geological data and regulatory compliance requirements, this energy sector firm has over seven million
physical documents that it has saved and stored. However, the process to access these documents filed in deep storage requires an employee to get in their car and drive to the warehouse, and physically locate the files. This system is labor and time intensive as files are not always accurately filed or cataloged.  For these reasons and more, the firm sought to digitize its sizeable document holdings. In the process, it wanted to make sure
that it would be:

1. Easy to archive documents moving forward,

2. Simple for operators to search for and find the desired information, and

3. Straightforward to conduct data analytics on its impressive data store.


Download the case study to read how working with AWS Consulting Partner Flux7, the company created a working plan to digitize and catalog its vast document library.

Download the Case Study: