This organization is a leading provider of cloud-based CRM solutions that provides critical sales context without sacrificing productivity. Its platform automates data capture, helping provide much needed customer insight to relationship-driven businesses. As a marketing technology provider, this firm helps companies win customers and keep them engaged through increased sales, improved service delivery and streamlined operations


This mature start-up wanted to ensure it had a leg-up on the competition with a new initiative it was starting. As a global cloud-based solution provider, it was well aware of the benefits of cloud computing and wanted to extend those benefits to its newest application. The company knew that Docker containers in AWS could bring developer flexibility, system scalability and portability to its greenfield opportunity. To ensure it was on the right path and to expedite the process, this marketing technology company brought in the AWS experts at Flux7 to:

  • Assess the plans for a new application built on Docker in the cloud,
  • Design the best architectural approach, and
  • Train the team on new technologies used in the process.



Flux7 agreed that AWS and Docker combined could provide real competitive advantages for this firm’s new application. Indeed, it recommended that it embrace a microservices architecture based on AWS and Docker for the utmost advantage. This would allow the Development team to create, test and deploy the application on a per service basis, moving each service to completion independent of any other service. This would result in faster time to market for the new application, and the ability to quickly and easily update individual services, maintaining a critical edge over the competition.  Download the case study using the form at the right to continue reading about the solutions and benefits Flux7 provided.

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