This leading provider of medical image handling and processing, interoperability and clinical systems, services more than 7,500 U.S. healthcare sites, as well as many of the world’s leading clinical research institutes and pharmaceutical firms. Insights gleaned from medical images managed by this provider’s system can help clinicians efficiently identify options for the diagnosis, treatment and monitoring of a broad array of health conditions.



This healthcare organization sought to move to a more manageable system, one that required less human intervention and was self-healing. Given the nature of the data that it manages for its customers, the system needed to be stable, with extremely high levels uptime; the impact of production downtime could quite literally be the difference between life and death. Moreover, the group’s IT team wanted a maintainable interface for the delivery of product for production support. Security and compliance were other key criteria as maintaining HIPAA compliance and protecting against the risk of losing personal health information were important business imperatives to address.



With three key business priorities of security, robustness, and cost, the Flux7 team rolled up its sleeves and began work assessing the situation to design and build the right infrastructure for this organization. The group had already been evaluating AWS, which Flux7 recommended as well, seconding its focus on automation, immutable delivery and IaaS. Moreover, as the group was interested in having a solution it could easily manage post launch, Flux7 recommended deploying Docker containers in order to create an infrastructure that is more manageable, providing a consistent interface across Development, Test and Operations.

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