Are valuable IT resources being consumed by "A-Enter" tasks?

Flux7 collaborates with enterprises to automate redundant IT events, enabling IT and Dev teams to focus on strategic outcomes 

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IT Process Automation 

While the world of IT Automation can be a big and broad topic, knowing where to start to reap the biggest dividends is important.

Starting with the four core areas listed below will enable you to quickly integrate automation that will help rid your organization of technical debt while creating a positive cycle where teams are freed from manual tasks and able to deliver more and most strategic, business-impacting work.

  1. Infrastructure as Code
  2. CI/CD of Code
  3. Configuration Management
  4. Automated Compliance Checks

Read our white paper to learn more about how these core areas can be automated, and how Flux7 is working with companies to get them started, resulting in outcomes that have a positive, tangible impact on the businesses. 

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