Oil and Gas Industry Enterprise Gains IoT Infrastructure for Optimized Project Crewing Moving Data, Not People Around the World


Fugro's AWS DevOps framework provides a scalable secure solution that helps speed time to market  for new capabilities


With its Internet of Things (IoT) approach to facilitating a new high value service for customers, Fugro needed an IoT architecture that was scalable and secure. AWS infrastructure was seen as a way to address these issues, though the company was concerned about Amazon cloud security.

Given its customers’ remote locations which could literally be anywhere in the world, deploying consistent, sophisticated services with consistent Amazon Web Services uptime and continuous delivery pipeline of upgrades was the incredible challenge the team of software engineers at Fugro faced.

They saw AWS DevOps as the approach to take for easier delivery of new versions of the project. The global nature of its business also meant Fugro needed the ability to create environments near to seagoing vessels for technical and legal reasons.

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