This company is focused on the fitness component of healthcare, bringing to customers the means for fun, motivational workouts. As a firm steeped in technology, this company pairs elements of gamification with personal workout goals to ensure that its customers attain health and fitness.



This healthcare company had fitness goals of its own, and was looking to introduce a new robust online service for its customers. Already using AWS for its platform and other products, this firm wanted the new online service to take advantage of the scalability and availability benefits inherent to AWS. In addition, the healthcare organization was looking for a consulting partner who could help it implement cloud-based risk management–recommending and implementing security and regulatory best practices–to help it ensure the new service was secure and met HIPAA compliance.



Together with Flux7, an AWS advanced consulting partner, this firm’s IT, Development and Security teams began designing a blueprint solution that would help it attain its scalability, uptime and security goals.  Download the case study using the form at the right to read more about the blueprint solution and the benefits Flux7 provided.


Why Flux7?

Enterprises gain fast time to value from Flux7 cloud implementation, automation and DevOps consulting services and solutions. Bring ideas to life and shorten time to market with modern IT systems and workflows that scale, secure and increase the efficiency of technology service delivery. Flux7 Premier AWS Consulting Partners provide insight and expertise from 300+ DevOps projects.







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