Hadoop Distributions - a Detailed Comparative Study

Whether your data is really big, or just data, BIG DATA is here to stay.

And Hadoop goes hand in hand with Big Data.  Many big players in the industry have developed their own Hadoop distributions. So how can you know which is right for you? 

Hadoop users are varied, with their own diverse needs, including:

  • Anaysts and managers in large companies wanting to adopt Big Data solutions.
  • Developers wanting to build tools for the Hadoop ecosystem.
  • Newbies learning Hadoop for the fist time and wanting a temporary or non-serious Hadoop deployment.

Download this free Hadoop comparative study to understand our experiences and learning with each distributor.

The paper provides subjective and objective assessments of the features of each distribution and their performance measures from architecture design and performance benchmarking experts Flux7, AWS Partners.



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