Getting Started: AWS Account Set Up

As an AWS consulting partner, we perform hundreds of AWS account reviews and we always start at the same place: AWS account architecture.

The reason is as simple as it is critical; properly setting up AWS accounts can be a game changer, particularly for enterprises with many teams helping to bring solutions to market.

Starting with the right architecture that is designed to fit your technology and business needs can make all the difference in ensuring security, compliance, operational efficiency and creating a development environment that inspires innovation.

As a result, this paper starts in the same place we kick-off our assessments, with AWS accounts.

We'll cover:

  • AWS IAM Account set up/AWS IAM user set up and IAM role
  • AWS account management and AWS management console
  • Managing AWS security credentials
  • Advantages and disadvantages of multiple AWS accounts
  • Cross accounts access set up and benefits and more. 

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