Compliant, Secure and Highly Agile System Scales to 2M+ Users a Month



This Fortune 1000 retailer of home goods has more than 4,285 retail locations across 50 states, Washington, D.C., Canada, Mexico and Puerto Rico. The publicly traded brand also has a store within a store concept where customers can shop and purchase through the retailer. It sought to launch a new ecommerce portal to facilitate this process for its store-in-a-store partners, including everything from the shopping cart to the application and final purchase ticket..  


The chief challenge before the team was to architect, deploy and manage an SAP Hybris ecommerce platform that could scale to 2 million users a month. In concert with Flux7 AWS consultants, this retailer agreed to an AWS-based approach that would help deliver the solution to market faster, in a secure, highly available, PCI- compliant fashion. With a deadline looming, the two teams quickly got to work.


After assessing business and technology needs, the AWS consulting experts at Flux7 recommended the retailer deploy Hybris to a Docker cluster on ECS in order to simplify scaling and automation. This recommended solution was definitely ground-breaking as SAP Hybris had never before been Dockerized in AWS. As a result, it was important for the team to have a solid technology foundation for this project. The team created a solution built with Lambda, Aurora, ECS and WAF, along with CloudFormation, CloudFront, ELB, ECR, EC2, VPC, S3, RDS and more.

To quickly prove out the solution and achieve tangible benefits each step of the way, the team used a Scrum methodology, breaking the project into several Sprints. The first Sprint was focused on proving out the success of the Hybris application on ECS. The team started by ‘Dockerizing’ the Hybris application and created an ECR container registry with cross-account access. From here, they created the Hybris ECS cluster. Having achieved quick success, Flux7 helped this retail client deploy a new cloud-based SAP Hybris solution in record-time that featured agility, PCI compliance and security.

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