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As enterprises look to transition from DevOps pilots to enterprise DevOps at scale, this proven five-step process that embeds best practices from working hands-on with more than 100 leading enterprise organizations will help enterprises successfully move from proof of concept to implementing DevOps at scale, effectively navigating legacy technologies, complicated organizational structures, and achieving economies of scale.

Organizations that enjoy DevOps successes soon face the question of how to scale their efforts. Failure to scale DevOps efforts results in I&O staff spending too much time on manual repetitive work instead of work th (1)

This paper includes a process roadmap to achieving DevOps at scale in enterprise organizations. 

You'll read: 

  • How to define what success can look like, ideally numerically with a list of common DevOps business drivers
  • Key strategies that lay a foundation for success
  • Critical success factors for running a pilot, or initial project
  • What patten identification is and why it's important for scale
  • The role of a stable, secure platform in long-term agility
  • Pattern development best practices
  • Process development to meet security and compliance benchmarks
  • What a system for continuous innovation can look like

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