Attend a dynamic one-day workshop about microservices architecture and Amazon ECS

The term microservices has received increased attention in the past few years. Microservices architectures is not a new approach to software engineering, but rather a combination of proven concepts such as object-oriented methodologies, agile software development, service-oriented architectures, API-first design, and Continuous Delivery. Many AWS customers adopt microservices to address limitations and challenges of traditional monoliths with regard to agility and scalability.

In this workshop, we will see how Amazon services like EC2 Container Service, CodePipeline, CodeBuild come together to create a platform for developer teams to focus on their application while still being able to interact with other application components. We will see the microservices developer model in action and show the independence offered to the developer teams.


Who Should Attend:

This workshop is designed for users and teams wanting to use Microservices, and who want to gain a better understanding of how everything comes together. Prior working knowledge of AWS basics and Docker is a prerequisite. If you need a Docker primer you should check out the tutorial provided by Flux7 here: . In addition, the lab will be hands on and will require participants to have GitHub accounts.

Event Details:

Date: Thursday, August 24th 2017

Time: 9:00AM – 2:00PM


11501 Alterra Parkway Suite 200

Austin, TX. 78758

Bldg AUS-13

5th Floor – Conf. room 407

Parking is provided on-site

This event is free, but requires pre-registration. Please register at the link below.



Chris Burns – Solution Architect - AWS

Ali Hussain – CTO and Co-Founder – Flux7

Deric Miguel – DevOps Engineer – Flux7


Bootcamp Objectives:

* Overview of microservices architectures

* Hands on deployment to an ECS-based microservices platform

* Hands-on labs to showcase developer benefits on a microservices platform

* Deep-dive of operational design of the microservices platform


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