Microservices Grow Agility for Healthcare Provider


This tech-driven healthcare company has a mission to connect doctors and patients to drive better health and improve the overall healthcare experience. Helping to reshape the future of healthcare, this organization works to empower patients, and provide doctors and other system providers with services that tirelessly advance health technology for improvements across the healthcare ecosystem.


This successful organization began by building its solution quickly to meet new and quickly growing demand. Rapid development meant that new features and functionality were created without consideration for the monolith that the team was building. Over the long term, code became increasingly fragile, due to many interdependencies. Afraid that this would lead to instability and frequent breaks, the team began looking for an alternate approach.

Further, as an always-on offering to patients and doctors, this healthcare provider needed to balance its needs for high availability, compliance, security and increased agility. Lacking deep in-house cloud skills, the organization set out to find a partner that would help it create a HIPAA compliant and highly available cloud infrastructure with automated provisioning.


In assessing the business’s needs, Flux7 experts recommended that this healthcare technology service provider approach its evolution with a microservices architecture based in Amazon Web Services (AWS). The cloud-based microservices architecture would allow the IT team to simultaneously achieve its goals of high availability and security while moving it away from its monolith setup to create greater agility. Focused on specific applications that they wanted to evolve, Flux7 and the client got to work, moving services one at a time to the new AWS-based microservices architecture. As a start-up in a highly competitive market space, this healthcare provider especially valued nimbleness in execution, which Flux7 provided through sprints and a keen focus on automation.   Download the case study using the form at the right to read more...

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