This specialty retailer is a well-known household name whose stock is traded on the NYSE. With about 100 stores across the US and a strong eCommerce presence, this retailer is known for its inspiring merchandise and is also consistently ranked as one of the best places to work.


As the retail landscape is changing rapidly, this organization was looking to enable its in-house development team to stay nimble and one step ahead of the competition. Tasked with servicing the organization’s eCommerce site and in-store systems, the company decided to create an IT modernization plan that was broken into discrete projects. The first such project was to grow developer and IT automation, increasing their productivity and the ability to quickly iterate on innovation.


Wanting to move to a higher level of automation across development and IT functions while decreasing costs, this retailer called in the DevOps team at Flux7. The teams agreed that moving to a container-based cloud environment would help facilitate the desired level of automation, provide an immutable environment and encourage greater development innovation.

Moving away from their environment where every server was built from scratch and manually patched began with the Dockerization of this company’s applications. As applications were packaged in containers, Flux7 worked onsite, hand-in-hand with this company’s team to teach them about Docker, layering containers, and the use of HashiCorp Vault and Consul outside of Docker for secrets management and service discovery.

Once applications were Dockerized, Flux7 and the customer began developing Ansible playbooks for provisioning Docker Swarm, a clustering and scheduling tool for Docker containers. Swarm makes it easy to manage a cluster of Docker nodes and in this case we deployed the Swarm cluster into a sandbox for testing. In parallel with our Ansible playbook development, we also began to develop the microservices environment employing NGINX, Consul, Consul-template, Vault, and Registrator. The end result of these steps was a completely automated software provisioning and cluster setup.  Download the case study using the form at the right to read more...

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