Pharmaceutical Company Migrates R&D Analytics to AWS


Flux7 recently had the opportunity to work with a pharmaceutical company that is breaking new ground when it comes to treatments for life-threatening ailments like cancer. Seeking to innovate across the organization -- from R&D to IT -- this company reached out to the DevOps team at Flux7 to help it migrate its Cloudera Hadoop-based analytics systems to AWS. Specifically, the vision was to take all of its diverse data sets to the cloud, establishing a highly available and secure environment where the firm could conduct data modeling and data analysis while protecting sensitive data and ensuring GxP and HIPAA compliance.

The DevOps team at Flux7 applied the patent-pending Enterprise DevOps Framework, a model for marrying DevOps process improvement with digital transformation. We started by building the Landing Zone architecture with a new AWS account for Analytics with Dev, Test, and Production deployed in separate VPCs, as well as one for services.

Download the case study using the form at the right to continue reading how Flux7 and the pharmaceutical team created a data model in which all its incoming data is organized in a single layer with different data marts for entities such as patient data.

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