G6 Hospitality Leads Business Transformation with Cloud First Strategy


Hospitality IT 2.0 Program


A Case Study of Strategic Technology Transformation

Striving to continuously reinvent the economy lodging category while remaining 100 percent committed to delivering a great experience to its guests, team members, franchisees and partners, G6 Hospitality challenged itself to a major transformation of its technology platforms.

Named IT 2.0, the program has three succinct goals:
1. Cloud-first in their technology approach—through three paths: strategic sourcing of off the
shelf SaaS solutions; building tailored solutions with the help of partners (like HotelKey and
Above Property) that are born in the cloud; and building competitively-advantageous cloud
solutions themselves with the help of consultants Flux7.

2. Increase the ‘option value’ of the G6 Hospitality technology platforms—anticipating the ever-increasing evolution of business demands over time.

3. Increase the speed of their technology platforms in performance, flexibility, scalability and ability to respond to business goals faster (agility)—enabling business innovation at the strategic level.

Download the case study using the form at the right to read how G6 used technologies including AWS, Red Hat OpenShift, Jenkins, and Ansible to:

  • Create a cloud-first approach to increase speed, flexibility and scalability
  • Undergo a strategic technology transformation in support of business goals
  • Increase the ‘option value’ of G6 Hospitality platforms

Download the Case Study on the right to read how the G6 Hospitality cloud-first technology transformation has empowered the company to be more visionary, innovative and successful in a way that wasn’t possible even a decade ago.

Download the G6 Hospitality Case Study: