A digital financial services provider, this corporation supplies its financial services customers with a data aggregation and data analytics platform. Thousands of companies, including many of the largest U.S. banks, subscribe to this company’s platform to power personalized financial apps and services.


This company has started a new product that offers a large revenue opportunity. With demand growing quickly and the service evolving rapidly, this company needed to make sure that the new product was highly available, while ensuring data security and optimizing for cost.



Already working in AWS, this firm called in AWS Consulting Partner, Flux7, to help expand upon its infrastructure to address its product challenges. Specifically, the product is being offered in the form of panels to this firm’s customers, with a small number of standard panels that its customers can choose from. Panels are delivered either as files in S3 buckets or as a RedShift cluster account for them to be able to query the data using Tableau on their desktop.

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