DevOps Best Practices Provide A Platform for Developer Agility and Framework for Future Growth



This organization is a quickly growing startup that is expert at helping its customers crunch the numbers for business success. With a proprietary approach to data collection, storage and analysis, this analytics firm enables its customers to blend data, analyze it and share it to better manage business decisions.



As a data driven organization, this start-up has a massive data pipeline from which it parses and applies intelligence for its customers. With some automation in place, the company’s engineering leadership knew that a greater application of automation framed in DevOps principles would help streamline processes for the firm. In addition, due to the nature of its setup, this company was always paying for the worst-case- scenario as they didn’t have the resources to properly scale up and scale down their instances. Already using AWS, the company sought an expert in cloud- based DevOps who could partner with them in setting up a new architecture, re-establishing their foundation as one for successful future growth.



Flux7 AWS experts began with a thorough Assessment of this firm’s architecture and technology approach. Automation that freed up developers to focus on coding, not time-consuming manual processes, was a key goal of the project. As a result, Flux7 recommended an AWS-based microservices architecture steeped in DevOps principles. 

One of the biggest benefits of this project was that the Flux7 team broke a cycle of developers spending too much time with manual processes. 

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