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A cloud migration -- and the ability to take advantage of cloud benefits such as greater agility, scalability and enhanced security -- is often seen as a primary way that organizations can positively affect change and create greater productivity at optimized cost.

Although momentum is pushing enterprises toward these benefits -- with 46% of I&O leaders citing agility a top priority, and lowering the costs of service delivery their collective second top priority-- this approach is not without its challenges. There are many approaches to large-scale cloud migration, which can be overwhelming and confusing, especially for large enterprises with a myriad of business-critical applications.

As a result, this paper will discuss approaches for large-scale cloud migrations in support of strategic business change, as supported by a best of breed team and set of vendors.

Section 1:  A Process Framework to Help Plan Migrations

Section 2:  The Case Studies

Section 3:  The Flux7 Enterprise DevOps Framework

Section 4:  Establish a Beachhead: The Landing Zone

Section 5:  Sandboxes as a Strategic Enabler For Cloud Migration & Best In Breed Support


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