10 Days to best practices-based implementation

Engage cloud training reduces reliance on external skilled labor

With a lack of skiled resources to manage either on-premise or cloud operations, many organizations are reliant upon third party services organizations to implement and manage  their cloud infrastructure. 

Flux7 Engage, is a solution for businesses that prefer to internalize knowledge and gain hands-on experience while  accelerating their cloud deployments.

By helping you build your new infrastructure yourself, Engage:

  •  Reduces the risk of errors from inexperience in cloud architecture. 
  •  Shorten deployment time through access to best practices and advanced tools and resources.
  •  Improves success rates for independently managing your infrastructure post-deployment.
  •  Helps you rapidly internalize AWS and cloud architecture knowledge.

Read how a financial services company accelerated their move to the cloud and then internalized AWS knowledge for long-term agility. 

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