Best practice-based designs and frameworks to speed IT modernization

Streamline the delivery of the four primary components of IT 

These four components form the basis of our DevOps adoption model, a patent-pending process to speed and improve the results of DevOps projects. 

  1. Infrastructure - Everything below and up to the virtual machine.

  2. Code - The actual code being developed by developers in-house.

  3. Server Configurations - Software prerequisite(s) that go on the server before code can run.

  4. Security Rules - Organization-specific security constraints such as access control.

In turn, each of these four components have a streamlined mechanism for delivery so that we can release smaller batches with agility, while delivering technology faster and more efficiently.

We call the tooling that we use to streamline these deliveries the four Cs:

  • Cloud
  • Configuration Management 
  • Containers
  • CI/CD 

Brought together with design planning based on hundreds of projects, we put these concepts to work to address business challenges with services that help businesses transform their IT practices, gain skills and knowledge and remain in control of their systems for maxium business agility.

Find out more about our services to help you modernize systems, and retain on house skills and control.    


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