Microservices Speed Market Responsiveness for Financial Service Leader

Flux7 microservices experts pair AWS and Docker, delivering responsive, agile architecture

By now you’ve heard about and are probably using Docker, and you’re exploring microservices. It’s time to bring these together and reap the benefits of this synergistic combination.

  • Leverage the talents of your dev team by breaking them into specialist groups for microservices development.
  • Speed time to market by reducing interdependencies and increasing automation.
  • Create more efficient-running applications for improved customer satisfaction and business results.

Read how a financial services leader paired Amazon Web Services (AWS) — which allowed the organization to quickly scale to demand without expensive hardware purchases — and Docker containers.

The goal of the microservices architecture was to speed time to market, automate IT, and in the process empower the financial services firm to manage its own infrastructure, in spirit with AWS’ mission of self-service IT.

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