Keep up with compliance: Automated monitoring for peace of mind

Adopt continuous security and monitoring of AWS infrastructure and ensure increased compliance, adherence and consistency across your organization.  

Not knowing about changes, or finding out too late, can leave systems vulnerable, and can result in fines if compliance and governance are not maintained.

Continuous Monitoring means:

  • Gaining control of frequent changes and system compliance, including  best practices.
  • Immediate alerts when changes occur, automatically identifying issues related to governance, risk and compliance (GRC)
  • Catching mistakes that can’t be detected by visual inspection.

For enterprises in highly regulated industries - like finance and healthcare - non-compliance isn’t an option

Work with Flux7 to implement the right Configuration Rules

Test-driven infrastructure deployment results in constant auditing. As expert AWS Service Delivery Partners, Flux7 will work with you to determine which rules need to be implemented, and customize the right rules to monitor and protect your infrastructure.

With customized AWS Config Rules, you’ll know instantly when any change occurs, including:

  • If your AWS account is mishandled
  • If someone on your team “went rogue”
  • If someone violated a rule
  • If best practices aren’t being implemented

A Config Rule Template Example - 

 AWS Config Rules.png

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Download Flux7's AWS Config Rules guide here 

Use Flux7's AWS Config Rules Guide to set up your own automated rules to:

  • Ensure that only specified EC2 instances are being used
  • Check whether EC2 instances belong to a virtual private cloud (VPC) or not.
  • Audit security groups that disallow unrestricted incoming SSH traffic and incoming TCP traffic to the specified port
  • Check that EBS volumes that are in an attached state are encrypted
  • Check whether AWS CloudTrail is enabled in your AWS account or not.
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AWS Config Rules Guide