Flux7's AWS Landing Zone: A Secure Foundation for a Marketing Leader


Establishing A Landing Zone for Enterprise DevOps Transformation


How An Enterprise Gained AWS and DevOps Skills While Improving Security

This marketing organization is in the midst of a DevOps transformation. As it proceeded with its transformation, the company learned that there was a disconnect as IT and Development were using AWS separately from one another. Wanting to bring Development, IT and Security under one umbrella, the firm sought to encourage proactive involvement across teams using DevOps as a culture of practices for better cooperation and service delivery.

Wanting to validate its progress to date while also extending security policies to its new AWS DevOps environment, the company needed a review and hardening of its security best practices around role based access, permissions, and multi-factor authentication.

Download the case study using the form at the right to read how this enterprise deployed a Flux7 Gold AWS Landing Zone in order to:

  • Gain skills and knowledge about AWS and related tools and concepts
  • Extend security policies
  • Increase automation of Infrastructure-as-Code

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AWS Landing Zone Case Study: