Improved Credential Management Hardens Security, Maintains RPO and RTO Goals 

Protecting sensitive information and ensuring compliance is met is a paramount concern as more data is created and stored, particularly in the cloud.

Credential management can be an integral part of hardening AWS security. Homegrown solutions for credential management can be difficult to manage and may not meet all of a business' security and availability requirements. Yet, complex security and networking requirements can make it challenging to install off the shelf solutions like HashiCorp Vault.

Flux7, recognized AWS experts focused on DevOps and AWS Security by Design, helped a healthcare organization implement HashiCorp Vault.  

The company realized three key benefits from its new secret management system.

  1. An effective balance between security and agility.

  2. Increased security with a better place to store their credentials. 

  3. Secure systems and processes they were unable to previously secure.


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