Fortune 1000 Retailer Transforms IT with DevOps in the Cloud

Increases Global Agility, Availability and Market Competitiveness while Maintaining PCI Compliance


This leading retailer decided that the creation of a new portal was just the proof of concept it needed for a larger initiative to transform its IT function, addressing the weaknesses in its traditional on-premises infrastructure and lengthy, manual IT processes.

The IT team’s goals to help the business deliver more quickly to market in a secure, highly available, agile fashion fell in lockstep with a DevOps approach suggested by Flux7, AWS consulting partner, and as a result, they quickly set a path to use Amazon Web Services as a platform to launch both the new portal and DevOps initiative.

Find out Flux7 AWS consultants helped this organization to: 

  • Transform a traditional IT organization to next generation DevOps in the cloud
  • Ensure Security and PCI compliance of new Portal
  • Create an Agile Developer Workflow for Rapid Execution
  • Achieve High System Availability to Ensure No Lost Revenue Solution
  • Conduct an AWS Migration with DevOps-based approach
  • Ensure Security and PCI Compliant Cloud Policies
  • Design and builld repeatable, automated processes for provisioning infrastructure and Amazon Machine Images
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