Creating a Scalable IOT Infrastructure Rooted in DevOps Principles

Achieving EU Data Privacy Law Compliance


This Fortune 500 manufacturer was using Hadoop, internal data centers, Rackspace and CenturyLink to facilitate services that connected its customers with data insights using an Internet of Things model. The overarching goal: to facilitate continuous data-driven improvement within its customers’ operations.

To help achieve this goal and overcome its Hadoop scaling issues, the company engaged with Flux7, AWS consultants. Additionally, the manufacturer sought a global solution that would comply with EU data privacy laws.

Flux7 helped guide this global manufacturing company to a solution that helps ensure IoT security and allows it to stream, analyze, store, and share data collected by thousands of machines in an EU data compliant cloud architecture.


  • AWS Migration with DevOps-based approach
  • EU Data Compliant Cloud Policies

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